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Control Room A

Control Room A is our main studio – When you book this you have access to the Vocal booth and The Octagon room.

At the heart of the control room is the highly acclaimed SSL Matrix SuperAnalouge mixing console, part of the new generation of digitally controlled analogue desks that are soon to be the industry standard in mixing. With all our hardware connected trough a 288 way Bantam Pachbay and by the matrix our hybrid system gives you control of all our great outboard gear and software at the touch of a button.

At your fingertips are some of the finest pre-amps on the market including Midas, API, SSL, Lavry Blue, Avalon and Focusrite. The unique characteristic of each has the ability to provide the desired sound.

For listening we have a range of  speakers to choose from including PMC TB2s, Yamaha NS10s, B&W and more upon request.

The room has been acoustically measured and treated for flat reverberation response by Paul Gillieron Acoustic Design who has consulted many venues and studios around the world including The Roundhouse, The Royal Festival Hall Extension and The National Centre of Popular Music in London.

The control room is also equipped with an assortment of synthesisers and drum machines, both vintage and modern.